Standard Weekly

Week #21 Jan. 22-26, 2018

What's Happening Week #21

Monday 22

  • District Science Fair setup

Tuesday 23

  • Dr. Akhavan visit and training @SES *Schedule*
  • PLC-Kindergarten
  • District Science Fair
  • 2:30 SES PBIS Committee Meeting

Wednesday 24

Thursday 25

  • Staff Treats (Kinder & 1st grade)
  • BIS/Psych classroom lessons (1st- 8:45-9:25; 2nd 9:55-10:55; 3rd 11:55-12:55)
  • PBIS Winter Olympic Games 1:20-2:00 pm playground (10 tickets)
  • Ed tech 2:30

Friday 26

  • 100 Positive Phone Calls for 100th Day of School!
  • Q2 Awards-Cafeteria (K 8:30-11:30) 1, 2, 3 10-10:45am; 4-5 1:15-2:00)
  • Family Movie Night 5-7pm, Tickets in office
  • Teacher of the Year Nominations Due
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Mark Your Calendars!

  • 1/29 PC Caaspp Webinar, PBIS w/Admin 1:00
  • 1/31 FCMAT training (Shelley, Susan, Kimberley, Kelli)
  • 2/1 ELPAC Testing begins
  • 2/1 PBIS District leadership meeting @ ESC 8-3pm
  • 2/1 PTA Executive Board Meeting
  • 2/2 Heather Robbins PBIS SES Visit
  • 2/5 AT 1:00
  • 2/6 Staff Meeting 2:45 Library
  • 2/7 Fire Drill 1:00
  • 2/8 Caaspp pre-test PC meeting 8-1pm
  • 2/9 Delac Meeting 12:30 ESC
  • 2/10 BSO Concert & Petroleum Club Dinner SES
  • 2/12 HOLIDAY
  • 2/13 Leadership Meeting 2:30 Susan's office
  • 2/14 Valentine's Day Parties- please send list of parent volunteers to office
  • 2/19 HOLIDAY

P.O.P. Power of Positive

  • We made state news!! Check it out! We are very excited to announce that our school has been selected to be a model school for future Marley's Mutts school fundraiser programs! Additionally, we have also been selected to be a pilot school for their PLEDG program, teaching responsible pet ownership and training to our 4-5th students! More info on that coming soon!
  • Thank you for working on updating student data and making strategic decisions to accelerate student learning!
  • Teacher of the Year nominations are listed above. Take a minute and nominate a colleague. Nominations are due by 1/26.
  • Michael and I are excited to share the positive from our school with the community by committing to make 100 positive phone calls home on the 100th day of school. Click the link above, or check your email. Names are due by 1/24. With awards that day we will do our best, but for sure every student listed will get a phone call, it may be the following Monday. (whew!!)
  • Keep up the great work and decisions for success at Standard!


WWW...Whipple's Words of Wisdom


Let's move forward and do this. You all affect our students in ways that we can't imagine. Have fun doing it.

This is for our students "While we may know who we are, we know not who we will be." We are affecting this. Get to it.


Yard Duty Schedule 2017-18

Revised Schedule begins 9/11/2017

Pirate Thoughts "Teach Like a Pirate"

"A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil to learn is hammering on a cold iron." ~Horace Mann

Allowing students to experience freedom might be liberating and fulfilling for the more self-directed learners. And for those who rely on step-by-step direction, that sort of freedom is an opportunity for growth. How are you consistently providing choice and autonomy in your classroom? (pg 105)

Opportunistic Hook: What aspect of current pop culture can I tie to this material? In what ways can I incorporate popular trends, fads, TV shows, and movies in order to make this relevant and engaging for my class?


This week's focus is:

*If you did not pick up the new classroom PBIS posters, they are in Susan's office.

REVISIT Classroom and School-wide expectations in January.

Respect towards others-an ongoing issue.

Keep your hands to yourself-(recommended for Primary)

Respect & Sharing with others-(great discussion starter)

Please show the video and then discuss Respect with your class. This is an area of focus for Rockstar Tickets this week.

Standard Elementary YouTube Channel

Be sure to subscribe to the school's youtube channel. We post PBIS behavior videos and other highlights.