This is Me!

I have "Spastic Cerebral Palsy" (CP)

I am Matt, I am 7 years old

  • I came out of my Mom before I was ready and my brain was injured
  • The part of my brain that was injured that tells my legs what to do and my voice how to speak
  • I cannot walk and sometimes my legs move in funny ways called 'spasms' and I cannot speak clearly
  • CP is not contagious so you cannot catch it
  • It is not progressive which means it will not get worse

I am just like you

  • I can come to school, make friends and do things I enjoy
  • I am smart and can understand what you are saying even though you may not understand me
  • I am strong like you but in different ways: I have had to practice things over and over since I was born as the world was not designed to accommodate for my physical challenges
  • I love to tell jokes and laugh
  • I can play basketball and baseball and am pretty good at it
  • I am good at math so ask me anytime for help

Who helps me outside the class

  • My physical therapist know a lot about my body and helps me get stronger
  • We do exercise and play fun games like sports, swinging and sliding
  • My occupational therapist helps me so I can learn to do things on my own
  • We practice everyday things like getting out of bed, putting on my shoes, using the washroom
  • We also plan things out like how to go through a line up, getting things from my locker and getting to class on time
  • My speech therapist helps me learn to speak more clearly
  • I get frustrated when I cannot say the words that are in my head so I practice words and sounds by copying and playing fun word games

What helps me inside the class

  • My wheelchair is great. It has a desk that can move with me and this cool electronic communication board
  • I can type or touch letters, words and pictures to tell you what I want to say and even to answer questions in the class
  • Usually I need some extra time to finish my work and tests
  • I also use this great program called Text to Speech where I can type things and the computer reads my words so you or anyone can hear what I am saying out loud
  • With my wheelchair I need extra space to move around pretty much everywhere
  • My seat is better at the front of the class or by the door so I can get in and out easier
  • I can move my wheelchair with my arms but I also enjoy a push

Things to remember about me

  • I am a kid just like you with a family and friends
  • I enjoy the same activities: playing outside, watching TV, swimming, sports, hugs and kisses and going to the park
  • I want the same things: to be happy, be loved, to have friends and to be included


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