Madrid, Spain

By: Amanda Doedtman

Summary of Madrid

Madrid is located towards the middle region of Spain, it is one of Spain's biggest tourist attractions. The people of Madrid speak mainly Español, along with other native languages. Madrid is the third-largest country in the European Union. Madrid possesses a modern look to its cities and neighborhoods. Most museums contain priceless artifacts and artwork from famous artists around the world. The people of Madrid put hours of work into their cooking, cleaning, and families. Madrid also varies in different sports, but the main sport played in Madrid is football, also known as Soccer. Madrid is known to be the center of bullfighting in the world, the bullfighting season starts in March and ends in October. Festivities in Madrid are throughout the year, and vary from feasts to musical celebrations. The nightlife of Madrid is one of the biggest attractions because tourists can go to, jazz lounges, theatrical venues, and musical establishments. Madrid has been one of the greatest centers of the Spanish Literature, some of the greatest writers were born in this city. Madrid had a considerable amount of catholic churches, some of them are among the most important Spanish artworks. Madrid is ranked in the top 12 greenest places of the European region.

Weather in Madrid

The fall weather in Madrid is usually sunny, high 60's and at night, low 40's. It is usually humid and a little windy. The winter in Madrid is usually cold,maybe a little snow, but not as cold as Illinois. The spring is hot, not rainy, and very humid. The summer in Madrid is very hot, humid, windy, but not very rainy.