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Welcome to my Newsletter!

Welcome to the first edition of my (hopefully) monthly newsletter about all things Skin and R+F! Here I will keep you up to date on new tips and tricks I have found and any specials or raffles that I have for the month.

Stay tuned for some fantastic deals on Black Friday!

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Tips and Tricks

Sick of trying to squeeze the last little bit of your face wash or lotion out of the tube? Here's a trick, just cut it out! I saw a fellow consultant post this, and it works great. Just cut open the tube and scoop the last bit out. Store the whole thing in a zip lock until you are done with it all! Don't waste a drop of your R+F products :)

My Blog

Check out my first blog post! Here I talk about the importance of exfoliation. Want to add the Macro-Exfoliator to your Christmas list? Let me know.

Here's an excerpt:

But why do we need to exfoliate so much? Why is this so important? Exfoliation definitely seems to be a new buzz word. Well, as we age our skin looses the ability to exfoliate naturally. When you are young, your body sheds skin cells every 30 days. But the older you get, that slows down to every 50 days. Dead skin cells cause you to look dull and grey-ish. They will clog pores and cause black heads. Plus, they prevent products like moisturizers from actually being absorbed into the skin where it’s needed. So most of your products are actually just treating the top layer of skin, the dead layer!!
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