November 11 - November 15, 2013

Principally Speaking

Comprehension Toolkits: It's unanimous! Everyone's response to the Comprehension Toolkit Training on Friday was positive and worthwhile. After discussion, it is the expectation that all classrooms will begin toolkit lessons by December 1st and continue with one lesson a week until all 22 lessons are complete. If you review the Revised ELA Framework, it is the 20 - 30 minute FOCUS LESSONS. SO IT IS NOT ANOTHER THING.... IT IS THE THING. :)

Anchor Charts: If you would like to know more about anchor charts, we have two or three copies of the book, Smarter Charts in the office for check- out. There is also an Chartchums Blog and a recent EdTalk Radio Interview with the authors,MARJORIE MARTINELLI AND KRIS MRAZ. Although, the book is marketed for K-2 teachers, I find it informative for all teachers. It talks about the science behind why charts must have color, pictures and student work.

Scholastic Article: Academic Support or Print-Rich Wallpaper

Anchor Charts: Making Things Visible Article and Examples

Create an Anchor Chart Notebook as a reference

Professional Development

Have you just completed a teaching concept and the students cannot recall and use academic vocabulary during discussions? Well, don't get frustrated!!! There is an art to teaching ACADEMIC VOCABULARY. Take a look at the Elementary 6-Step Process for Teaching Vocabulary Video at ASCD PD in Focus. Remember your login is your email address and password is keller123 (you can always reset it by clicking forgot password)


CLEAN CLASSROOMS: There is a rise in student sickness and KISD wants to ensure classrooms are cleaned properly. Please make sure that the top of the students' desks are clear so that the custodians are able to apply sanitizer daily to prevent the spread of germs. Also, if there is anything that needs cleaning or repair, please make sure you email our custodian at Work orders can also be sent to Krista or Julie.

TOP ROCKETS: Submit your TOP Rocket for the second six weeks by November 14. Please click here.

EMERGENCY TEXT: Teachers and Staff, please send a text to (817) 993 6537 and in the body of the message type @mrmuji - We will send you a text message in case of an emergency, weather closings, etc. Please keep in mind that fees may apply from your cell provider.

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What's Your Environment Like?

Missy Allen, our presenter discussed working to prevent environmental pollution within our classrooms. And if you are like me, Spring cleaning needs to start tomorrow! Well, the website Clutter Free Classroom has some great tips and freebies to help us get organized. Check them out!

Weekly Happenings


1. The King and I at FHMS at 7 p.m. (NRES students will participate)


1. PLC meetings during planning time

2. Fine Dining Event at 3 p.m. for 3rd and 4th Top Rockets

Wednesday: No planned activities

1. Energy Bus Book Discussion

2. PTA and Kinder Program at 6:15pm. Everyone is welcome!

Friday: No planned activities

Where is Everyone this Week?

Monday: Jackie at "Unpacking the TEKS District Training" until 11:30 a.m. Oliver @ 504 meeting in the afternoon.

Tuesday: Everyone on Campus!

Wednesday: Jackie at GAM meeting until 4 p.m.

Thursday: Jackie and Oliver on Campus, Kristina at District Counselor Meeting

Friday: Oliver @ Diagnostician meeting in AM

November Staff Birthdays

Hendrick, Cherry 18-Nov

Compton, Becky 23-Nov

Reyes, Reyna 30-Nov

The Energy Bus!

This Thursday, we will be spending 30 minutes discussing/acting out the Energy Bus in small groups using several key questions. During the second half of the workshop, teams will create anchor charts to reference rules. So, bring your acting talent, sense of humor, markers and glue. Let's have some fun!