Roti Plus

For Maida Products...

Roti Plus Offers....

Natural & Nuturious! Natures gift and a unique product from Soyabean. Indian Bread is generally famous and known as Roti / Chapati / Fulka / Paratha etc. These get drided up and becomes hard when kept for longer time.

To enjoy healthy food Keep Roti Softness for longer time and improves self life of it. Gives non sticky dough and saves the time of mixing. Reduces Ghee/Oil requirement, saves Gas / Electricity and cooking. Have natural source of Soyabean enzymatic modified liquid.

Roti Plus is natural Soyabean product having omega-3 & omega-6 essential fatty acids. Roti plus contant Phosphatidylcholine which is essential phospholipids. Roti plus improves the digestion power of Body.

How to Use Roti Plus in Maida...

General / Ordinary Process:

1. In 1 kg Maida use 200-210 grams Vegetable ghee while kneading.

2. Prepare the dough.

Modified Process with Roti Plus:

1. In 1kg Maida use 100-110 grams of Vegetable ghee.

2. Take some quantity of water & dilute about 8 grams Roti plus in it and also half the uantity of oil in water-Roti plus mixture (Roti Plus has HLB 8-11/20, due to this small oil roplets are formed and uniformly dispersed in to water)

3. Stir all of this to make a uniform mixture

4. Add remaining oil & this mixture in to Maida & make dough.

Benefits Of Roti Plus in Maida...

Major ingredient in Samosa, kachori, Naan, Frankie etc is maida. Starch & gluten is major components in Maida. Roti Plus acts on the network of Starch & gluten. Roti plus molecules reinforced in starch-gluten networks & make stronger network. Strong network give good textural properties of products. Roti plus is anti-sticking agents so dough become soft & easy for handling. It reduces 30-40 % oil content in process. Ideal for all maida based products.