Unit Six

Apply Your Academic Writing Skills

An Overview of the Unit

Unit 6 moves you forward in the writing process. This unit, you will flesh out the ideas you organized in the Unit 5 Discussion Board and write a draft of your Unit 6 Assignment, which you will post to the Discussion Board. This will allow you to then receive helpful feedback from classmates and from me, feedback that will guide you through the revision process to allow you to submit the strongest possible Unit 6 Assignment.

Remember that you will be writing your Unit 6 Assignment without sources so that you can first establish what you want to say and can say about your topic. Writing without sources may be challenging, but this process will ultimately help you to learn that you do indeed have something to say about your topic and help you to avoid over reliance on sources as well.

The skills learned during the next four units (units 5-8) will build your foundation for future success. You will find most, if not all, of these skills we be called upon in your future academic courses. I look forward to helping you build and strengthen your foundation!

Late Policy Reminder

If you are behind in Unit Four, you do have until the end of Unit Six to submit the main discussion board post, seminar option 2, and the project.
If you are behind in Unit Five, you do have until the end of Unit Seven to submit the main discussion board post, seminar option 2, and the journal.

Unit Six Assignments

  1. Complete the Learning Activities.
  2. Complete the quiz.
  3. Participate in the Discussion Board.
    • Post your main post.
    • Respond to three or more classmates to exceed expectations.
    • Make sure to review the sample discussion board post located in the actual discussion board. And use the helpful document.
  4. Attend the live seminar or complete option 2.
  5. Submit the Unit Six Assignment.

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