Marie Antoinette

queen of france

Archduchess of Austria

Marie was born in Austria in November 1755 to the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa. Marie was born the archduchess of Austria. Marie was one of 4 daughters. She also had an older brother that she was very close with.

Dauphine of France

Marie and Louis XVI were married in April 19th by proxy. Her brother stood in as the bridegroom. She was officially handed over to the French on May the 7, 1770. They met on an island on the Rhine River near Kehl. The official marriage took place on May 16, 1770. The marriage was not consummated until 7 years later. Louis had physical problems so it took awhile to consummate the marriage. It was also because Louis was very shy.

Queen of France

Marie become the queen of France in 1774 after Louis XV died. Marie nor her husband wanted to become the king and queen of France. Marie was an extravagant spender. She loved to gamble and buy the newest fashions. She also loved the opera and built a theater in the palace. Marie made a lot of renovations to the palace changing it to the way it its preserved today. During her queen-ship Marie had an affair with Count Axel von Fersen. The affair was on and off due to the fact that the Count was sent to America to fight in the Revolutionary War. After he returned from the war he got a job as captain of the body guards to Gustavas III. Which ultimately ended the relationship. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette did end up having children. They had four children.

Decline of Marie

Marie's excessive spending was cut back forcibly by the king. The french people started to resent the french monarch. As the french monarch declined Marie gave up her carefree activities more and more to join on politics with her husband. The french people stormed the Bastille due to their resentment and uneasy feelings with the monarch. The french people wanted a revolution. During the weeks after the storming of the Bastille many royalist fled the country. Marie stayed behind to help the king. On October the 5th a mob stormed the palace and took the king and his family to Paris.They did this so the new government could watch them. On January 21 1793 Louis was executed. After his death Marie's health deteriorated she had tuberculosis. On August 1 1793 Maire was put in Prison. October 16 at 12:15 p.m. Maire was beheaded.

Personal thoughts

When most people think of Marie Antoinette they think she was cold, heartless, and didn't care for the french people. Which wasn't true at all, They also think she was one of the worst Queens ever. Which for the most part she kind of was but she did try. One of the things i admire about her is that she was scandalous. Also that she was fiercely loyal to her family. Oh yeah I like to think that i was her in my past life.