Zermatt, Switzerland

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What is unique about this colossal landform?

The Matterhorn is very unique because the Matterhorn is considered famous due to its nearly impossible shape. It is an unusual shaped landform with a summit that extends over the north face, which makes it look like a cobra about to strike.

Reasons To Visit Matterhorn!

There are many reasons to visit the Matterhorn:

  • You have probably seen this mountain on chocolate bars and boxes but visiting the mountain is truly breathtaking.
  • It is recognized around the world as the proud symbol of Switzerland.
  • The Matterhorn is a staggering 14,692 feet and it challenges mountaineers worldwide and welcomes non-energetic tourists as well, to enjoy the beauty.
  • Whether traveling in the winter or summer, a railway called the Gornergrat (located in Zermatt) takes you the the legendary mountain.

Matterhorn Fast Facts!

  • The Matterhorn is in the top ten highest mountains in Switzerland and one of 48 Swiss peaks that is above 4,000 meters in height.
  • The word Matterhorn comes from the German word Matte meaning "meadow" and Horn meaning "peak."
  • On July 14th, 1865, the first ascent by Edward Whymper, Charles Hudson, Lord Francis Douglas, Douglas Robert Hadow.
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