Stop Bullying

By:Bethy Ledezma

Does bullying happen?

Yes, bullying happens a lot. You might never really see it with your own eyes but it happens. Some kids get bullied so much that most of the time it has a horrible conclusion.

How does it make you feel when you discuss bullying?

It makes me feel horrible. Discussing bullying it's just depressing to talk about because of how cruel people can be. Just being in the discussion feels terrible, imagine being the person that is getting bullied.

Is there a difference between bullying and just not being nice?

No, there's no difference between the two. Being mean is the same as bullying. It's never a good thing to be mean. There's no reason for this cruelty.

How does it make you feel when you experience or see bullying happen?

Experiencing bullying happen is horrible, imagine being the one getting bullied. It's very terrible to have anything to do with bullying.

Why is bullying necessary to discuss?

Bullying is something that should be discussed a lot more than it really is. Maybe discussing it more can help parents talk to their children about it. If parents ask their children how school is, the child needs to speak up and tell his/hers parents. The child should be able to feel comfortable talking to his/her parents and hopefully the parents will tell the school to keep a better eye on their students.

What can be done about bullying?

Raising awareness would help a lot. Many kids/teens have no other decision than to commit suicide. Raising awareness might just help kids/teens in need. The parents knowing what to tell their children might help them. Both parents and kids.