Barefoot Banded Gecko


Barefoot Banded Gecko is it's common name. Coleontyx Switak is it's scientific name.

HABITAT:-rochy desert foothill, canyons, volcanic talus

-found in arroys & dump sites

LOCATION:-Mexico & United States


current- unknown

original- 1000-4000

Missing Information

Reason for extinct: The Barefoot Gecko has been listed as a threatened species by the state of California, mostly due to its tiny range within the United States. Illegal collection by reptile hobbyists and commercial collectors is a major threat.Barefoot banded geckos are probably preyed upon by lizards, snakes, and birds. they are among the most expensive and popular of the illegal exotic pets. This has made it difficult for scientists to study them

vaules: It is a pet for humans but sold illegially.

Reward: $500