2014-2015 S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

Library Year End Review

1. Increase parent and volunteer library accounts.

2013-2014: 3 Parent/Volunteer accounts

Goal for 2014-2015: 25 Parent/Volunteer accounts

Actual for 2014-2015: 12 Parent/Volunteer accounts

The number of Parent/Volunteer accounts increased from 3 in 2013-2014 to 12 in 2014-2015. I believe this is largely due to my involvement in the Parents as Teachers program, as well as a result of my position becoming full time at De Zavala. I feel that being stationed at one campus has allowed me to have a larger impact on the De Zavala school community due to the relationships I am able to better foster with students, parents, and community volunteers. Book fair week, Storybook parade, Seuss Week, and our multiple AR events throughout the year, serve as evidence of the library's impact on the De Zavala school community.

2. Work with all students to increase AR participation and the success rate index.

2013-2014: 40% average success rate

Goal for 2014-2015: Increase success rate to +60%

Actual for 2014-2015: 41%

This year I worked with all grades to increase AR Participation and our student success rate through daily verbal motivation, P.A. announcements, gumballs for 100’s, and AR awards and parties. Consistently throughout the school year, I have worked with small guided reading groups of kindergarten, first, and second grade students to learn the Accelerated Reader Program and it’s capabilities on their own. Although these tactics did assist in the increase of school-wide participation in the AR program, the success rate for 2014-2015 was 41%, an increase of only one percent from the 2013-214. Next year I plan to meet with an AR Representative at the beginning of the school year for ideas and suggestions of how we can continue to work toward improving our success rate. I also plan to continue to work with the classroom teachers individually towards raising the student success rate.

3. Increase eBook circulation through promoting the collection to patrons (students, parents, teachers, and school community members) in library classes and school events, and with library marketing materials.

2013-2014: 575 eBooks circulate

Goal for 2014-2015: 1000+ eBooks circulated

Actual for 2014-2015: 71 eBooks circulated

Although there was a drastic decline in eBook circulation this year, I have recently discovered that the 1:1 tablets utilized last year in the 5th grade classrooms were not utilized to their potential this year. This was mostly due to broken, unrepairable, or already out-dated equipment. I initiated lots of effort into promoting our eBook collection at the beginning of the year, and advertised through a self-made brochure with directions on how to access our eBooks. I taught all 1st – 5th grade students how to search and access these books in library classes at the beginning of the school year, and have continued to promoted this and other library services to students and parents as possible throughout the year. More effort is clearly required in order to increase the circulation of our eBook collection. Next year I would like to plan to have an eBook and Library Services session at an evening school function, or possibly a class available for interested parents. I also plan to utilize the Promethean side of the library more with the younger grades, so both the students and the teachers gain more awareness and a better comfort level with using technological resources, such as eBooks, themselves.


I think I earned close to a perfect score on this one, as I think I have smiled every day this year. I love my job as school librarian. I love my students. I love my co-workers. I love my neighborhood. And, I love being at ONE SCHOOL! There is so much to be grateful for. And so much to SMILE for :). And I can make great videos...