Louis Riel is a Hero

History Assignment

What is a Hero?

A hero can be defined as someone who stood up for what he/she believes in, a hero can be someone who people can rely on them to help them." A hero has courage and noble qualities"(Dictionary.com) A hero is someone that can take on any challenges and go through any challenges in his/her way.

Louis Riel died for the Metis and for what he believed

Louis Riel did not give up in what he believed in, Louis Riel was wanted for most of his life and was eventually hanged for the rebellion he committed. Before his execution a guard asked Louis Riel for a souvenir, he responded "I have nothing but my heart and I have given it long ago to my country". Louis Riel made this statement and this means he got killed for what he believed in and for what he thought. Louis Riel was the hero of the province Manitoba, people relied on Riel to fight for their nation. Louis Riel had courage and many noble qualities which proves that Louis Riel is not only a hero but he is one of the most important heroes in the world.

His legacy

The Metis looked up to Louis Riel to save their land, he is a hero to the Metis and will always be the person who fought for his nation. Lois Riel sacraficed his life to save the Metis people and their land. He will always be remembered to the people who live in Manitoba, he will never be forgotten.