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Language Arts


So far this year, we have practiced “Said Is Dead”, indent paragraphs, punctuation, capitalization. “Said Is Dead” means to write about your feelings. To indent a paragraph is to write the first word of the second sentence a little bit to the left of the first word of the first sentence. To capitalize is to make the first letter of the sentence upper-case. To punctuate is to make a certain punctuation mark, such as a question mark, an exclamation point, a period, a comma, or quotation marks. You use a comma when you pause in a sentence. You use a period when you’re making a statement in a sentence. You use an exclamation point when you2’re saying something exciting. You use a question mark when you have a question. And finally, you use quotation marks when you’re making a quote.


In spelling we are sorted out into groups based on how advanced you are in spelling. The spelling teachers are Mrs.Adkins, Mrs.Ignatz, and Mrs.Wynne. In each spelling group we are assigned different spelling words. We have 2 weeks to complete our choice board. Our choice board is when we have a variety of choices to do for homework using our spelling words. We have to have 4 choice boards completed on the next Thursday (the day we have our spelling test). There is a website we use called Spelling City which we will take our spelling tests on. you can log onto Spelling City from your house to help you study for the test. Spelling City has Games you can play on to. We will have spelling every Tuesday and Thursday.

Reading Goals

Our reading goals for this year is to read 630 books by the end of the school year. If we do that Mrs. Adkins will dye her hair purple! There are many different genre varietys we need to read. The genres that we have to read are: Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Realistic,Fiction,Poetry,Historical,Fiction,Biography,Autobiography, Informational, and Chapter Books. Each kid has to read at least 30 books in order to read 630 books in all. Those are some reading goals we have to achieve.

Context Clues

By:Kate, Michaela, Grayden and Mac

In language arts we have been learning about context clues. Context clues are clues in a sentence that help you understand a meaning of a word you don’t understand. We have read many books to help us understand what context clues are.



Dear parents,

We are going to talk about math and Geometry. Geometry is the study of shapes, angles and other things you might find when you look at an object. Ms.Ignatz lets us play math games most days (it’s fun), We studied:

  • Angles- right, obtuse, acute, straight

  • Line segments, lines, rays, & points

  • parallel lines- they are so similar it is a shame they will never meet

  • perpendicular lines

  • shapes with right angles

George, Jake, & Ethan

Number Talks

Our math teacher is Mrs. Ignatz. In math we have something called number talks. Number talks are where we learn mental math strategies. Then we figure out different ways to solve the problem. Some of the strategies are: Quick Tens, Place Value, Near Doubles, and Friendly Numbers. We hold our fists up and add a finger if we can figure out different ways to figure out a problem. For example: 23+37=? If we have found one way to figure out the problem, we put one finger up. If we found more we would put more fingers up. We don’t have number talks everyday. We only have it once a week.That is what we do at number talks.

In science we have learned about soil, erosion and deposition. Abrasion is a form of weathering where rocks bump and rub together to make smaller rocks. It is also a part of soil. We are currently learning about fossils. There are two science groups. They are called science 1 and science 2.

By Mac,Kate,Michaela,and Grayden

Homeroom Bits

Brave of the Week

Dear parents,

Have you heard of “Brave of the Week”? Brave of the Week gives people a chance for everybody in the class to share information about themselves. After we share, other people get to write about how much they liked the poster. Brave of the Week is so much fun, we hope we get to do it again! We share the poster on friday. Well this is all you need to know, thats all folks!!!!

George, Jake & Ethan


Stella’s nickname is Stella sue.

Will’s nickname is Wilbur.
Georges nickname is Georgy boy and gorgeous George.
Macs nickname is Mac Daddy and Big Mac.
James’s nickname is JV.

Community Corner

Some of our community corners are morning meeting, “Australia”. Some of the procedures we do are life skills, chimes, 1st to 10,and end of lunch procedures. In morning meeting we do a greeting, share, and activity. 1st to 10 is when we have 2 minutes for all the transition in the day. Australia is a place where you go to if you are being bad. End of lunch procedures is when Mrs. Murphy rings the chimes and we have to be quiet. Life skills is when we practice an important skill for the week.

Snack & Water Bottles

A rule with water bottles are water bottle lids need to be closed . Miss Adkins lets us eat healthy snacks all through the day .