The Water Cycle

By: Justice Ivy

What is the Water Cycle?

The water cycle is a continuous cycle of water that has been on earth since, well, forever! Without the water cycle there would be no rain, snow, or ......... water!

Evaporation & Condesation

Evaporation is the process where a liquid ( in this case water) heats up to a point where it evaporates into a gaseous state ( water vapor).There is also another form of evaporation. It's called transpiration. This type of evaporation comes from plants when their leaves open their pores and release water into the air as water vapor. When the water vapor cools, it condensates and transforms into a cloud. This operation is called condensation. It's the exact opposite of evaporation.

Precipitation & Runoff.

Precipitation occurs when when so much water has condensed it becomes heavy. As a result of all of this heavy water, it falls down toward earth in many forms. Rain, snow, hail, and sleet. When the rain ( or other) falls on earth, it finds a large source of water ( or it collects and create things like puddles). This is called runoff. Then it starts again.

Filtration is one more part of the water cycle

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