Reports on School Reopening

Week 1 - Meetings between June 29 through July 3

Four subcommittees have been created to analyze the pros, cons, and implications of scenarios under consideration to re-open schools in August and assist in the development of our health and safety plan. Subcommittee membership comprises students and families (United Parents Group, Special Education Alliance of Cheltenham, Cheltenham African American Alliance were solicited for names), the Cheltenham community, members of the Cheltenham Educators’ Association (CEA), Business Employees’ Council (BEC) and school board, and school-level and central office administrators. These subcommittees will meet once a week between the weeks of June 29 and July 27:

  • Curriculum and Instruction

  • Health and Wellness

  • Operations

  • Student Activities and Sports

Following every meeting, the subcommittees will share with the community written reports outlining how each of the aforementioned areas will be addressed. For those with questions, please send them to Questions will be routed to the appropriate sub-committee.


Curriculum and Instruction

The Curriculum and Instruction sub-committee hosted its first meeting on Wednesday, July 1. During this meeting, the committee’s goal, purpose, and expectations were shared. Committee members include students, parents/guardians, community members and administrators. The committee spent the majority of its time discussing ideas and strategies to support a healthy school reopening for all students. More specifically, the committee discussed face-to-face and remote instructional options. Takeaways included ensuring families and educators have the training and support needed to support remote learning, feasibility of alternate scheduling, and the need to survey families on what they would like to see regarding school reopening. The committee asserts the need for a remote option for students in the event that school buildings are open, but families have reservations about sending their children. The committee also discussed the need to plan for how the most vulnerable students can be supported in the fall no matter which reopening option is selected. View the slide deck>

Next meeting: Wednesday, July 8 at 10 a.m. Agenda includes updates from the Pennsylvania Department of Education as well as best instructional practices for remote instruction.

Committee Membership

Students: Noah Gocial (CHS), Ava President (CHS), Enrique Tellado (CBK)

Parents/Guardians: Phaedra Brown, Patrick Liedtka, Georgina Perez Liz, Sarah Lowing

Community: Tasha Holland, Andrea Morton, Darrien Peoples

BEC: Patsy Jarvis, Donna Ogborn

CEA: Andrea Clipsham, Mark Hoff, Bevan McShea

School Board: Julie Haywood, Pam Henry, Dan Schultz

Administrative Assistant: Dominique Peters

School Administrators: Jason Lytle, Craig Metcalfe, James Taylor

Central Office Administrators: Charlene Collins, Beverly Gallagher, Brian Reilly, Tamara T. Smith

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness Committee’s first meeting occurred on Thursday, July 2. The focus of this initial meeting was to discuss specifics relating to proper hand washing hygiene protocol and the process for educating staff and students regarding this particular health and safety measure. The committee viewed sample videos from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on proper hand washing and sample posters which promote various protective measures. The posters will be strategically placed throughout all schools and the Administration Building prior to reopening for the 2020-2021 academic year. View the slide deck>

Next meeting: Thursday, July 9, 10 a.m. Agenda includes conducting health screenings for students and staff, protecting high-risk students and staff and implementing isolation procedures.

Committee Membership

Students: Sojourna Ali-Orlena (CHS), Lucia Kaufman (CHS), Quincy Rhoades (CHS)

Parents/Guardians: Lauren Cain-Baxter, Khristen Simms, Mary Wilson

Community: Willie Mae Bell, Benjamin Evans, Kerry Mulvey

BEC: Aisha Raye, Vicky Sanchez, Danita Wisher

CEA: Alex Knab, Brigid Ryan, Robin Sturgis, Tracey Oliver Davis, Mitchell Green

School Board: Chris Pender

Administrative Assistant: Gwen Hatcher

School Administrators: Lori Felgoise, Nick Perez, Brian Wallace

Central Office Administrators: Ray Realdine, Adrienne Tolbert-Jackson, Jonathan White, Cheryl Horsey


The Operations sub-committee convened its first meeting on Wednesday, July 1. The group discussed the operational aspects of reopening under yellow and green stages. Reopening documentation was shared in relation to the different sections of the plans and what is required to present to the school board for reopening. Information was shared in relation to the personal protection equipment (PPE) supplies the district has in stock and what has been ordered to ensure enough supplies when the district reopens. View the slide deck>

Next meeting: Wednesday, July 8 at 10 a.m. Agenda includes reopening documentation in relation to cleaning and disinfecting, social distancing and protocols, and transportation and cafeteria.

Committee Membership

Students: Mia Weisman (CHS), Charlie Sywulak-Herr (CHS)

Parents/Guardians: Sara Vernon Sterman, Rashana Floyd, Larry Wapnitsky

Community: Myron Goldman, Maureen Cahill (Chartwells), Joe Casale (Cheltenham Trans)

BEC: Mary Alice Windish

CEA: Lisa Garrison, Stephen Buckingham, Corrine Ayers

School Board: David Cohen, Bill England

Administrative Assistant: Dawn Woods

School Administrators: Lynn Trumbette, Byron Ryan, Christine Zubairu

Central Office Administrators: David Teasdale, Cara Michaels, Chris Barone, Jim Custer

Student Activities and Sports

The Student Activities and Sports sub-committee hosted its inaugural meeting on Zoom on Wednesday, July 1. The meeting opened with a discussion of the committee's goals, purpose and member expectations, and member introductions. The majority of the meeting centered on what members liked or did not like about "Back to Play" plans from local, comparable school districts and what from those plans members wanted to see in CSD's plan. View the slide deck>

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 7, 10 a.m. Agenda includes fall back to play steps and considerations for student activities.

Committee Membership

Students: Zachary Gaffin (CHS), Autumn Holland (CHS), Bailey Messa (CHS)
Parents/Guardians: Judith Goldberg, Mark Kelly, Carrie Peck
Community: Robert Beale, Meleah Brame, Irv Brockington
BEC: Kim Slaninko
CEA: Chris Manser, Ishbara Acosta, Ryan Nase

School Board: Charles Burdell-Williams, Joel Fishbein

Administrative Assistant: Johnna Geigert

School Administrators: Ben Hammond, Shareese Nelson, Adicia Cohen-Johnson, Suni Blackwell

Central Office Administrators: Kevin Kaufman, Steve Chinta