How does spin art work?

Aliyah Smetana

Summer fun

I did spin art on a shirt. A lady I didn't know helped me by working the spin art machine. I did this at the Hands On Art Studio, in Door County. On Friday the 28th of August, I had done the spin art. I got there by car. My family and I decided to go because we wanted to go and do something in Door County and this place sounded fun. You could either do spin art on a canvas or a t-shirt, and I decided to do a t-shirt.

Look at me!

The science of it

An object in motion will stay in motion unless an external force is applied. The paint that flies off of the canvas/shirt hits the side spin art machine. This causes the paint to stop it's motion. Centripetal force is applied. As the paint hits the spinning shirt, centripetal force is applied. Centripetal force is the force that keeps objects in a circular path/motion.

I wonder

I wonder if the speed of the spin art wheel can change the design on the shirt?

I wonder if the thickness of the paint could affect the design in the end?

I wonder if you could use things other than paint?

I wonder what would happen if you put the paint on before it started spinning?


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