November News


Ms. Strickland

November has been a fun month for us in Pre-K. We have been learning to write our first names and we are working on letter recognition and letter sounds. We have had fun playing and learning in our centers. We learned about numbers and shapes with our turkey math project. We also learned about Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful.


Ms. Branch

November room 105 stayed busy. We continue to learn new letters of the alphabet, the sounds they make and the Letter land characters they represent. We enjoyed a school wide assembly for Native American month, there were dancers that performed popular dances for us to watch. They danced so beautifully we were all mesmerized while watching them. After reading the book “Turkey Trouble” our class participated in a family project called turkey in disguise so the turkey would NOT be eaten for Thanksgiving. All kindergarten classes participated in a Thanksgiving feast where we made a story mix. The recipe for the Thanksgiving feast tells the story of the first Thanksgiving. Each ingredient helped the students visualize what the first Thanksgiving was like held so long ago. From the candy corn and goldfish crackers that Squanto used to teach the first pilgrims how to grow corn to the falling marshmallows (snow) to represent the harsh winter the pilgrims had to survive. Lastly the day before Thanksgiving our room was ram shackled by wild turkeys running loose at Rowland – Norment. We didn’t have any chairs to sit in the turkeys had taken them to the library. Our classroom computers were turned backwards and there were markers everywhere on our floor. We hope he gets caught soon. We are looking forward to the many adventures we will have in the upcoming months

1st Grade

Ms. Hickman

November was an exciting month for our class. We all are very Thankful for so many things and people.We were fortunate enough to get to go on a field trip to see PSRC CTAP’s Frozen Junior. It was great! We celebrated Thanksgiving with some fun activities. We made edible turkeys and wrote about them. We had a mini Feast( “potato” chips, “Pumpkin Pie” Rice Krispy Treats and of course our edible turkeys).

Mr. Hunt

In Mr Chris’ class we have learned about verbs and nouns along with writing skills. Also we learned about the first Thanksgiving.

2nd Grade

Ms. Hunt

Ms. Hunt's 2nd grade is working on strengthening our math skills. We used a colorful assortment of manipulatives to create our own arrays. We enjoyed the activity and this helped us relate arrays to repeated addition.

Ms. Richardson

This month, 2nd grade experienced our first field trip of the year! We enjoyed the CTAP performance of Frozen at the Junior High School. The students were able to do a compare/contrast between the play and the movie. We had a rich discussion on why the play was a little different as well as some things they would do differently if they had a chance to re-write the movie.

Ms. Sampson

November was a busy but great month for our class! We went to Lumberton Jr. High to see Frozen Jr. It was amazing!! The play surely put us in the holiday spirit. We also learned a great deal about Native American History Month as well as the first Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for but most importantly, we understand why we should be thankful. We hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Ms. Wilkerson

Fun, fun, fun in November! My class had a wonderful time disguising Tom Turkey so he would not be eaten for Thanksgiving.

3rd Grade

Ms. Parker

During the month of November, we have been studying Native American History. Our school enjoyed a Native American Heritage assembly. We viewed the beautiful regalia and native dances. This month in science, we studied the layers of the Earth and the layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. During math, we dove into division and multiplication. We are utilizing the CUBES strategy to help with word problems. During ELA, we reviewed Compare & Contrast and Making Inferences to assist in our reading skills. The UNWRAP strategy is helping students comprehend their reading passages. SchoolNet online assessments were in full force this month for Math and ELA. Students are very comfortable with signing in and completing SchoolNet assessments. This month flew by. After a short break, we will jump back into our studies. We are diligently working to conquer the 3rd grade curriculum.

Big picture

Ms. Perdue

We have worked collaboratively with our groups to uncover Thanksgiving Mystery Picture Puzzles. The activity in the picture above is an informational text piece titled The Mayflower Journey. Students read the passage and worked together to answer their questions. They practiced using the “UNWRAP” reading strategy while completing this activity.

Ms. Rogers

This month the students are thankful for the many ways they are able to learn. They understand the importance of paper and pencil, but daily we implement the iReady Reading and Math into the lesson by using the Chromebooks. The students are enjoying this phase of learning because after every lesson passed with an 80% or higher, they are given the chance to punch their iReady Punch card to get closer to getting their prize. The prize is a large Pixie stick. At the end of the month, the cards that have been punched12 times gets the opportunity to go into a drawing to pick a larger prize from the prize box. IXL is also another program that the students enjoy working in. This is done at least 3 days a week. On Fridays, the students are given the opportunity to play games on as an incentive.

Ms. Watson

In November, Ms. Watson's students worked hard to finish learning all the reading literature standards. Students have been working hard to learn all their multiplication facts as well. The class looks forward to learning and reading informational text when we get back from Thanksgiving Break

Ms. Whitted

What an exciting month November was for us! We have celebrated and had so much to be thankful for. We had the pleasure to have a Native American dance group to come and teach us a little about their culture and dance. In our classroom we read an interesting book titled The Rough Face Girl which is a Algonquin tribe spin off of the story Cinderella. We reviewed standards that we have already learned and did two activities with the book. We did a Character Traits activity and a Compare/Contrast.

Everyone Else!

Mr. Charles Hunt

Ms. Henderson

We have had a crazy but beautiful month of November. We are looking forward to next month, so we are able to start reaching our goals individually and as a whole class. We have been thankful for all the ups and downs because it brings us closer as a class- we are forever a DINO-mite family!