Naegele News


Spring Schedule

  • MAP testing has ended! I am so proud of third graders and all their hard work! Scores will be released next fall.
  • iReady testing will begin next Tuesday, May 3, along with DRA assessments, which measure student reading levels.
  • Cardinals Field Trip: Monday, May 2
  • Creekside Field Trip: May 13
  • Field Day: May 18
  • Last Day of School: May 19
  • EXPLORE: May 26

Cardinals Game!

  • Field trip is this Monday, May 2!
  • We will be gone most of the school day. We are leaving at 9:00 and won't be back until 2:00 pm!
  • For part of the day, we will be sitting in the grass at the field, so students are encouraged to bring a small blanket or towel to sit on. Bring a jacket just in case, too!
  • Kids can also bring a clear, small water bottle, a light snack, and sunscreen.
  • They may bring a small backpack or bag to carry these items and their lunches. The bags will be searched at the field, which can be time consuming, so do not bring any extra items. Thanks!
  • Soda is $4.50, and snacks are $5.00, and students will only be allowed to purchase snacks if the vendors approach us--we are not walking to the vendors. Students may bring money for that, but of course it's optional.
  • Our class will not be making a trip to the gift shop, so no need to bring money for that.
  • If you signed up to bring lunch, please remember to do so!
  • We are going to have so much fun!

Class Happenings

  • This week, we reviewed concepts in math, played math games, took the MAP assessment, and covered some geometry concepts.
  • In reading, we reviewed reading strategies and students worked on book club projects.
  • PBL was a major focus this week- We learned the function of each of the plant parts, decided on expert projects and got started, repotted marigolds, observed plants we previously potted, and created presentations to show what we are learning.