Module 1 Honors Assignment

By: Rebekah Huey

Step one: Come up with a question

How long does it take water to desalinate?

Step two: Form a Hypothesis

If water sits in the sun for two day then it will desalinate because the water would have evaporated leaving the salt behind.

Step three: Design an experiment

I will take salt water, put it in a 3 small beakers. Then proceed to put the three small beakers in separate larger beakers/cups wrapping the top of the larger beakers with saran wrap and fastening that with a rubber band.Beaker one will be my control group. Beaker two will be left for 1 day. Beaker three will be left for 2 days. Then test the results with smell, buoyancy, and taste.

Step four: Conduct experiment

Beaker one: Smell: Salty, ocean like

Buoyancy: Rarely anything floated to the bottom

Taste: NA


Beaker two: Smell: Somewhat salty still.

Buoyancy: Things started to float to the bottom

Taste: Salty


Beaker three: Smell: Fresh, not salty at all

Buoyancy: no floating at all

Taste: Regular water

Step five: Draw conclusions

Overall the beaker left for 2 days gave the most desalinated water, because it had more time to evaporate. So the data does match up with the hypothesis given.