January 2015

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Important Dates

January 5th- Pre K 2nd 9 week assessments; 2nd grade lounge duty begins; science kits due in front foyer by the window; DRA/EDL test as needed

January 6th- 2nd grade 1/2 day planning (afternoon); 3rd grade (new to WSE) kit training @ ERC; ALT team meeting

January 7th- bus evacuation drill; David Molina visit; Faculty meeting

January 8th- PLC DAY during planning; 1st grade 1/2 day planning (morning); 3rd grade 1/2 day planning (afternoon)

January 9th- kinder 1/2 day planning (morning); spelling bee; 4th grade team planning (afternoon); 4th and 5th grade GRADES due

January 12- parent reports (benchmark results) are printed; TPRI/Tejas Lee window opens; New Learning for 5th, 3rd, 1st- bring iPad and Bridges Unit 5 binder; New to WSE mtg @ 3:10; SPED team meeting

January 13- 4th grade (new to WSE/grade) kit training @ Giddens Elem; 5th grade 1/2 day planning (afternoon); vertical team meeting @ 3:10

January 14- New learning for 4th, 2nd, and K- bring iPad and Bridges Unit 5 binder; PLC @ 3

January 15- 5th grade (New to WSE) science kit training @ Giddens Elem.

January 16- end of the 2nd 9 weeks; Pre K assessment data due; DRA/EDLs due to coaches; spirit assembly

January 19- Pre K parent reports printed; Staff Development day

January 20- coaches @ Region XIII until 1; Leader in Me meeting

January 21- parent reports go home; report cards go home; Faculty meeting

January 22- PLC during planning;

January 23- coaches at curriculum meeting

January 26- TPRI/Tejas LEE scores due in AWARE;

January 27-

January 28- Pre K parent reports go home; PLC @ 3

January 29-

January 30- coaches meeting off campus; RtI meeting @ 3