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The Sixth Grade Newsletter

This newsletter provides information on activities and concerns of sixth grade students and teachers. For more detailed information on individual subject areas, please refer to the teacher's School Fusion page, linked beneath their picture below. For information on school wide events and initiatives, please visit the Pennington homepage. If you have a question or concern, please email us directly using the information below.

Mr. Anderson - Language Arts

Students should complete the reading log as usual, even with the holiday, no disrespect to Dr. King. Tuesday will be vocabulary day, and we will be reading in our new novel groups for the rest of the week. We have had several absences due to illness among both the students and staff. Several ailments seem to be circulating right now. In order to keep us all as healthy as possible, please do not send your child to school if they are ill, particularly if they have a fever.

Ms. Bosse - Math

Math 6 & Extended Math 6- We are wrapping up working with Decimals. Students may want to review decimal operations by visiting Section H of iXL. We will review on Tuesday and have our unit test on Wednesday.

Mr. Cardone - Social Studies

All classes did a great job analyzing historical documents this week and examining whether or not the Puritans were selfish or selfless. Next week, students will finish discussing life in the colonies as well as learning about the social class structure that was in place.

Mr. Cardone - Science

The classes explored the "tragedy of the commons" this week as well as various global issues that the world faces today. Next week, they will present their findings on their global issue and we will wrap up our energy unit. Look for a unit test Tuesday 1/26. Also, the 5th and 6th grade science fair needs volunteers to donate food. Please sign-up here.

Introduction to World Languages – 6th grade – 18 weeks

Konnichiwa! We are continuing to learn the basic skills to communicate in Japanese. The Japanese culture project is due on Thursday, January 21st. Mata ne (see you soon).

Public Library News

Literati for Students - a free evening webinar on Tuesday, January 19th at 7pm

Your public library has wonderful online resources available to help your student with their life work. Join us for a 45 minute overview of the materials available from home with a Library

Card - provided to you by your local public library.

The focus will be on materials for ages 9 through 17.

Click here to register:

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Donors Choose - Support Needed

Creating Lego movies with an iPad, Lego's and Brictek is not just promoting technology skills; it is the blending of cross curricular objectives while it includes problem-based learning, inquiry/discovery methods, role-play, simulation, and cooperative learning. To many of our ESOL students, speaking English is difficult, but playing with Lego's has its own universal language. Creating animations allows students to convey an idea, concept, or thought in a way that words can't.