Jessica Dennis

For LISD School Board

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Why Do I Choose to Run and Platform

I'm am running for a place on the Lewisville ISD School Board because I would like to reform LISD education.

First, I would like to repair all bathroom stalls that are broken. It has come to my attention that almost half of all the bathroom stalls across the districts are broken and need to be replaced or repaired.

Starting next school year (2014-2015), I would like to leave all the iPads at the intended high schools and not let the students take them home. We have had security issues in the past and I believe that they do not contribute to bettering education at home.

I would also like to put more funding towards education rather than sports. It is my firm belief that we put forth too much money towards sports and other school functions, particularly football.

I would like to hire young teachers. We need more teachers to help balance the teacher-student ratio. They have just recently been out of the classroom, therefor they will know which ways to teach that will help the student learn better.

And lastly, I would like to stop rezoning locations. Rezoning the same places constantly is angering parents and students and frankly, it is confusing.

The Campaign

My campaign includes bumper stickers, yard signs and buttons. The cost of my campaign includes:

Bumper Stickers- 250 for $169.95

Yard Signs- 120 for $690

Buttons-50 for $21

TOTAL- $880.95

Also for my campaign I will need to make a lot of public appearances to make people aware of who I am and why I am running. I plan to do this by attending as many LISD school events as I can, and participate in local community projects.

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Number of voters in previous LISD election in November of 2013: 8,961

Demographics for LISD:

white- 57.5%

hispanic- 22.4%

asian/pacific islander- 10.3%

african american- 9.4%

native american- .5%

Appeal to upper class: Hebron, Flower Mound, and Marcus have a lot of wealthy families. So I would need to appeal to those families. Lewisville and the Colony are very similar in income and how it is an older community, so I could also try to appeal to the middle class and get some votes from them.

Likelihood of winning: I think the issues that I believe in appeal to many families in LISD and I think a lot of them would support and vote for me.

Get Out the Vote

  • Call every LISD household and remind them to vote for Jessica Dennis for LISD School Board
  • Email all LISD teachers and remind them to vote
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