Identity and Relationships

reflection on unit.

Informed conscience.

An Informed conscience is a voice in your mind telling you wrong from right allowing you to make a decision with thinking about all the possible consequences and the gains.

Catholic church teaching on sexual intimacy.

The church teaches us that sexual intimacy is a great gift, it includes physical, emotional,social, intellectual spiritual aspects of the human person. It believes that you should not engage in sexual intimacy until you are married. This act must respect and dignify each person involved. The church believes that homosexual acts cannot be procreative.

sexual acts have two functions.

Unitive: means the couple are brought together in a special way through intercourse.

Procreative: means that sexual intercourse has the potential to start a new life or baby.

What the church believes about contraception.

The catholic church believes that sexual intercourse is only for married couples and that sexual acts only have two functions and no other ways is excepted.

The two functions are:

Unitive: the couple are brought together in a special way through sexual intercourse.

Procreative: sexual intercourse has the potential of beginning a new life.

The church believes that both these functions are equally special and important and are part of God's gift of sexuality.

Artificial contraception divides these functions and therefore makes sexual intercourse incomplete.

Natural methods result in the responsibility being shared between both parties as they are required to abstain from sexual intercourse when they are fertile.

what is a healthy relationship?

In order for a relationship to be healthy there needs to be trust between the pair, there also needs to be communication and honesty you need to be able to sit down and talk openly to each other about things. There needs to be respect and they need to value you and all the things about you they need to listen to your opinions. You need to be able to be loyal, loving and caring towards each other. feeling safe and comfortable with the person you are sharing the relationship with is also a healthy way of keeping your relationship alive but also you need to be able to go our with your girlfriends or the boys and have a good time not be trapped in this relationship have time away from each other occasionally.
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