the killer William stoughton

the killer William stoughton Salem village in 1692

who is William stoughton and more

William Stoughton the chief of justice at Massachusetts bay.he is a wealthy 61-year-old man he has some long white hair .after he was chief of justice he was a persecutor he killed a lot of persons that he thought they were witches or were witches .William Stoughton is a wealthy 61-year-old man with long white hair .he was chief of justice since 1674-1686 after that he was not he was a governor after that he was was more potent now .he ruled over the trails with the editor mahal din to eradicate all witches from Massachusetts bay colony never.William Stoughton he did not like witches he killed them and hunted them down he killed innocent people and some witches.

what did William stoughton accused of

the things that William stoughton was accused of

something that was said about him is that he is to blame for all the tragedies that happened in Massachusetts bay many for all the killing and many more he killed or injured a lot of people because's he did not who was wishes he killed people that he thought were or people that had sickness or injury that is why he killed a lot of people and he killed people on work to if they were witches they were hanged or died he killed a lot of people in the trials he was not a very good man he killed kids man women and even more in the which trials he decided how was a witch or not if they were witches they will be hanged and if they were not they were free to go that is the trials .and A thing that he was blamed on is the wife of governor flops that was accused of which cast herself bland Stoughton for the entire tragedy and wouldn't allow him to hang the woman so Stoughton angrily quit his job as a judge.that is where pileups slap in the face William did not hurt Stoughton's career one bit.though when Phillips was ordered to return to London later that year .stoughton was the new governor 1701 and even doing double duty as chief of justice 1699 he never once apologized for his role in the trials

the end

so all of that happened he killed allot or people then he was a chief of justice he was in charge how was a witches or not then he was acted and got slept an accused of the disaster and at the thing that pileups bib to him he still became a governor and an into Orton person but he kill all still a killer and a witch hunter a cool man after all of that he is a good man