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What's stopping you?

There is a buzz about the place this week as one of our own has her 15 minutes of fame! Lots of Campsmount staff and students will be tuning in to watch Miss Mendy, one of our brilliant LSAs, leap across the dance floor in a new Channel 4 show 'Big Ballet'.

Barriers to brilliance!

Many people become disheartened or discouraged from aiming high because they are led to believe there is something about them preventing their achievement. Whether it is height, weight, gender, age or skin colour these stereotypes exist today and are often a cause or excuse for giving up. This week we are using Miss Mendy's amazing example to inspire ALL 'Campsmounters' to persevere, breaking down those barriers to their own brilliance!

If Miss Mendy can do it so can YOU!

Look below at world renowned inspirational people who have broken through the barriers and stereotypes to achieve.