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Full Lesson Plan Set now Available

In addition to the short Teacher's Guide designed by Scholastic for HOW RUDE!, we now have a complete Lesson Plan Set. Lessons include:

  • Fact of Fiction - compare & contrast information provided through three media
  • Synonym Selection - kids won't mind sleuthing out synonyms for words like "vomit"
  • Rude KLEWS - embark on a text-based search for scientific evidence
  • The Real Deal - a fun way to evaluate claims and make inferences

Available here:


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Book Pair for HOW RUDE!

The Most Amazing Creatures in the Sea, by Brenda Guiberson. In this 32 page book each marine animal speaks in first person to declare why they are the most amazing creature. From the vampire squid who projects dazzling blue light to the wolffish who survives with antifreeze, these creatures are sure to amaze.

As the presentation includes a contest-like manner, this text offers a great compare/contrast with "Battle for the Grossest" in HOW RUDE! Can your students isolate the facts? Can they identify opinionated language? Can they determine the author's purpose? Have students select one animal from each book and write an opinion piece about which text is the most convincing.

Heather L. Montgomery

Author of books for kids who are WILD about nature!