Brewster School Newsletter

October 2, 2015

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When my goal meeting was done, I asked Kath to walk around the school to see what the kids were learning and how engaged they were in learning. Although, I wanted to stop in every room there wasn't enough time so we were only able to visit a few rooms around the building. She had extremely positive things to say about what she observed and about you as teachers. I expressed how lucky I am to have an amazing staff and she agreed. Thanks for the fantastic job you do ever day!
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Shout Outs

Please share your staff "Shout-outs" with me so that I can include them in the weekly newsletter.

  • To Ruth for working with every student in the school to paint a beautiful picture for me. It definitely "lifted me up".
  • To the SAT team and the two teachers who attended SAT this week. We tried out the new procedures and were able to accomplish everything on the agenda and identify great action plans because of everyone's participation.
  • To Lori for remaining calm and following the correct procedures when a child who is allergic to peanuts thought he ingested a peanut.
  • To Alex, our actresses, and Paula for facilitating our first assembly and making it a success.
  • To Marcia, Nancy and Megan for staying to help with buses on Friday when we were shorthanded.


  • Now that most of your assessment is completed please begin to think about your SLO and Performance Goal. I can attend your team meetings if you have questions or would like to run anything by me.
  • Tara Heikkla will present ThinkCentral, the online component of the Go Math program, during our October faculty meeting on the 6th. Please bring your laptops so you can access ThinkCentral. We will meet in the music room.
  • PD on Friday, October 9th will be a continuation from our August PD day and will focus on the development of mini-lessons.
  • The Early Dismissal schedule that you will need next Friday is completed and will be emailed to you on Monday. Please check the schedule, if you find a conflict let the office know.


  • If you would like to participate in a coaching cycle with one of the Reading Specialists please complete and email me the form.
  • Mr. Parmelee will be doing a presentation on Fire Safety for the entire school on Tuesday at 2:30 in the gym.
  • The F&P window closes on October 9th. Please hand in all assessment results when you are finished.
  • We will pledge honesty on Friday, October 9th. Wear blue. ( I'm sorry if i confused you when I wrote kindness in the newsletter last week.)
  • If you have a charity you would like included on the jean money survey, please send it to Patti.

School Happenings

October 6 - Fire Safety Presentation, Faculty meeting

October 8 - Math Curriculum Council, Second grade field trip to ConnWood

October 9 - Early Dismissal/PD

October 12 - District Closed - Columbus Day

October 13 - BKPTO at 6:00

October 15 - Picture day in room 18. Schedule will be sent to your email.

Noteworthy News

Sunshine dues is due by October 9th to be in the raffle for a free membership for the 2015-2016 school year. Good luck, and please join us! Sunshine can't happen without your support.

Don't forget that the envelope for Vicki Cummings' retirement is on Patti's desk. Please consider donating a little exra to Sunshine's gift.

If you have noteworthy information or know a colleague who does, please share it with me so it can be acknowledged in our newsletter.