Things Hoped For

by Andrew clements

"In this city of ten million people I am alone"

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The main character is Gwen she is a seventeen year old preparing for an audition at a school for music. Her grandfather ask her to move to New York with to him to go to school there and to pursue her dream to become a professional musician. One she went home at her grandfathers house and saw uncle Hank argueing with her grandfather so Gwen walked away. When she walked back home she saw uncle Hank going into a cab so she went inside and called for her grandfather, there was no answer so she went to his office and saw the answering machine blinking and played the call it was her grandfather saying that he has left and wont be back for a while and take care of the house and don't let uncle Hank have the house. Uncle Hank would come to the house demanding to see her grandfather but she just lies that he is in bathroom. Gwen one day met a boy name Robert he also doing auditions for the same school. After a while Robert starts to to live with Gwen. Uncle Hank still comes to the house so Robert found a solution of reanact her grandfathers voice. Gwen and Robert practise everyday at the house in a private room especially made for Gwen. One day Gwen went down stairs at the refridgerator, when she opened it she found her grandfather ling down in the fridge. they thought is was suicide but it wasn't. He just went in there to lye down he could fo went out any time he had and air tank and a coat for the cold. He died in his sleep. His last will and testament was to give money to Gwen for her school of music.


"Greater love hath than this that a man lay down his life for his friend"


I chose the book because the cover looks interesting and the story line is different.My favorite part of the book occurred when they found her grandfather. That s my favorite because it solved the mystery where did her grandfather went and the mystery of the shadow they see. In my opinion the book is unique its not like other stories. Some reasons I like the book and dislikes are that the boo seems like you are there. The book is hard to understand some parts. Overall i would rate the boo 5 stars because the story is different, it seems you are there, and its you will never know whats gonna happen next. I would recommend it to teens and musicians.
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