Fashion 101

By: Anne' Wehner

My background :)

This year I had a fashion class, and i am so happy that i got this class! There are so many things you can do in the "fashion category", and i have learned so much! When i was little i liked picking out my own outfits, and things like that, but now sewing & fashion is a hobby for me. This blog is a way to show all the things that i have learned this year, and I can't wait to expand my knowledge even more!

Sketching & Design

It's so much fun :p

One of my favorite things that we did was sketching. I had the chance to draw all my ideas on a piece of paper. I was able to make my own products, and explore my creativity. I highly recommend trying to sketch an outfit or two down sometime, you'd be surprised on how creative you can get!

Interior Design

Interior design was one of my favorite categories, we got to use a program called Home Styler. It's were you can make your own room, and you are able to style it with your personal touch!

Fashion History

These days we have tons of weird and really cute fashion fads, but lately I've seen some old fads come back. For instance the chokers, crocs, converse, tie dye shirt, the hippy style (flower crown) , etc

Laughter yoga

This is what we did in class, to remind ourselves to just have a laugh every once in a while! This whole unit was learning to love ourselves, and to find out what true beauty really is <3
100 Laughter Yoga Exercises Video

The basics of sewing (for beginners)

Once you learn the basics of sewing, you are able to do a lot of cool and interesting things!
Beginners Sewing Course - Day 1 - The Basics

Advertising & Marketing

We did a bunch of projects on how to advertise and market. We made a store front, had our own products, and other things You have to make sure to have a catchy slogan, an endorsement, you always want to try to bring your customers in with a sale, and you want a comparison to your product too!