anyone can have friendship

by Kaylee Anderson 1 and 2 period

analysis of the development of theme

Max was a kid with no friends until Freak showed up. they instantly became best friends. Freak however was a little different, he was growing on the inside but not the outside. so Freak new at some point he wasn't going to have a very long life to live.he just didn't tell Max that. so when Freak ends up in the hospital Max comes and says hi. late that night Freak has a operation done to see if they can try to save him, sadly they can't.

reflection and application of theme

i did enjoy the theme i thought it was a very good one. the reason i love it is it shows how two opposites can be the best of friends. i wish that the author could express the theme a tiny bit more because it is a amazing theme and to me it needs to be shown a little bit more clearly. i mean not stating the obvious but just show it a little more clearly. the theme to me is truly a great one. the reason why is it shows what friendship is. the book itself is just flat out friendship.


Max and Freak are complete opposites but yet they make the best of friends. Max isn't all that smart and Freak is a genius. they both are in for adventure. they even go on little adventures called quest. but anyway Killer Kane(Maxs dad) kidnapps Max. what happens is Max almost dies because of his dad but than Freak decides to come and save him and it works. now Freak needs his operation done. the thing is it wasn't a real operation. Freak made it up so that Max wouldn't freak out. next thing Max knows, Freaks gone.