Bulldog Bulletin

November 13, 2015


We often talk about tools in education. Tools for teaching, tools for learning.....As we continue to dive into our learning about PBL and 1:1 technology, we really need to develop a common understanding of just what this means. We began the work of developing a technology vision statement that aligns with Model's mission as well as with the mission of GCS. Defining our vision collectively as a team will allow us not only to learn and grow in our practice but also to create an environment where students have access to a myriad of tools.

Another excerpt from Amplify (Ziemke):
The term tools does not always refer to technology tools. Tools are anything that we use in our instruction to support students, ranging from pencils, sticky notes, colored markers, and clipboards to projectors, tablets, and computers.

No matter what devices or resources we have, we let our core beliefs and mindset guide how we use tools in the classroom. We focus on the overall goal of teaching kids how to think and then layer in purposeful tools along the way. We-and our students-need to understand how the tools work and why we are using them. In order to do that, we need to rely on our knowledge of what effective instruction looks like.

The TAP rubric provides us with a road map to effective instruction. The 1:1 technology provides our students with different tools to create, connect, and innovate.

Michelle E. and Kristin have tried using Kahoot in their classrooms. Ask them how using this polling assessment app during Success and during classroom has increased student engagement and motivation! What other ways are you using technology to have students create, connect, and innovate? I would love to spotlight others who are taking risks and using technology as a tool!! :)

TELL Survey

Here is the last piece of the TELL Survey for you to consider. We will do a midyear survey again this year so we can continue to celebrate our successes and focus on areas that need strengthening. Remember that the first percentage is 2015, and the last number is 2014.

Q10.4 Overall, my school is a good place to work
and learn.
87.5% 56.8%
Q10.5 In this school, we utilize results from the
TELL Indiana Survey as a tool for school
79.3% 52.2

We should all be excited about the first question!! This improvement represents a team effort as we work to make Model the school where students and teachers grow everyday. I appreciate all of your efforts to invest in a positive school culture.

From Central Administration: All schools will be participating in the TELL survey this spring. We do not have details regarding the window. However, the same company that has administered the survey in the past will be conducting the survey this year. Thus, there should be very little (if any) change to the process/procedures.

Heartfelt Gratitude

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers after my father passed away this past week. The flowers are beautiful and so very appropriate. The arrangement has several hydrangeas in it-those were my dad's favorite flower, and we always had beautiful hydrangeas in our garden. While it was really nice to be with family and friends, I was anxious to get back to my Model family. The mountain of cards from students meant the world to me, and I can't wait to read them this weekend. Many students hugged me and had kind words today as I met them in the hallway at arrival, and one student gave me a hug and told me that her father died a few years ago and that if I wanted to talk, she would listen. I tell you that story to remind you and thank you for the focus you place on building relationships with adults and students. It makes a difference everyday!

Payout Meetings

It is that time again! I need to meet with all certified staff to go over your SKR and performance-based compensation. Remember there will be 2 separate payouts this year. This first one, to be paid December 4, will be based on SKR only. The second one will be paid out once growth scores are calculated. Amy has a sign up sheet at her desk. Please sign up for a time to meet with me. I look forward to sitting down with you individually to celebrate your accomplishment!

Kudos to.....

  • Marcia and her staff for an outstanding report from the Health Department inspection!
  • Sarah R. for an amazing job cleaning out the storage room in the office!!
  • Gina and 3-5 teachers for their work in trying to help parents navigate the complexity of the state ISTEP rescore request process.
  • Cheryl, Shelly, Gina, Amy, and Sarah for working through a week of being short-handed.
  • Heather, Ellen, Shelly, and Gina for planning agendas for committee meetings.
  • Kristin and the JDRF projects her students completed.
  • Michelle Whitehead for her work with getting ISTEP information out.
  • Aubri, Michelle, and Shelly for their organization of HA testing.
  • Jenna, Christy, and their paras for flexibility when we are short-handed.

Celebrations and Needs

  • Congratulations to Josh on his engagement!!!
  • Congratulations to the Kauffmans on the birth of Anna Sue!
  • Please remember Heather and her family. Her father-in-law passed away today after a battle with cancer.
  • Please remember Kaci in your prayers. She has been diagnosed with Lymphoma and will begin treatment soon.