The STD that will ruin your life forever

Prepare for hell on Earth

The STD known as AIDS is caused by HIV, which weakens your immune system. This leaves you vulnerable to colds, flus, and viruses. Because AIDs weakens the immne system, it makes these pathogens life threatening.

How to prevent this autrocity

There is only one way to be completely sure you never EVER have AIDS; no sex. Well, you can also not touch cuts with other people, or, blood to blood. But, all in all, no having sex will save you from going through maximum torture for every second of your life. Another way to prevent it is to use a condom while having sex. However, this is not 100%. Abstinence will save your life from AIDS. Get tested always, even if you don't have sex, due to it being able to be passed on from mother to child. Always be afraid.