Arial Sharon

arial sharon was a leader!

are you agree that Ariel Sharon was a leader ?

Ariel Sharon was a leader because he was 11th prime minister of Israel. Cabinet minister of the Likud chairman and founder of the Kadima party. Before entering political life he was a military man. He was commander in the paratroopers. Established unit 101 and the southern command / in addition

what made Ariel Sharon be a leader?

This made ​​him a leader. Ariel Sharon had a lot of positions throughout his life as he was a colonel in the army, a member of the Knesset, Minister of Defense, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Infrastructure, Minister of Trade and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He set up a party called "Kadima", led the public protest, he was chairman of the "Likud" and finally opposition was also Prime Minister of Israel.

Ariel Sharon was a creative, productive, undisciplined, and didn’t hesitated to take risk.

what do other pepole from other contries thinks about Arial Sharon?

Other people from other countries think about Ariel Sharon that he was a leader because they saw how the people of Israel love him and appreciate him.

In addition, they saw how the leader Ariel Sharon loved his country .

why do you think that pepole from other contries came to say last goodbye?

A lot of people from other countries came to say last goodbye because Sharon was a very important state of Israel and greatly influenced for Israel He was a reliable, the revered leader and an amazing person.

to sum up

we all really miss you and want you come back!

we just wanna thank you about all the things you do for our country!

Miss You !