Mayor Matthew

Here's Matthew!

check out the new picture Mayor Matthew sent out for everyone to see!

Come on down to T.G.I.Fridays!


Wings $2.30

Burger $5.30

Drinks $1.50

Mayor Matthew Has Sent out 3 energy sources for are city! Vote Now!

Guaranteed to Be Faboulos

New Mayor! Matthew Grimsley Wins the election!

After 3 weeks of voteing, Matthew Grimsley is now our new Mayor!

Is Matthew Grimsley Rich?

People have suspected that Matthew Grimsley is rich. On the first day back from winter break he claimed he got, a ping-pong table, a Ps4, Call of duty Black ops 3, a new jacket, and 2 Ps4 Controllers. Is he telling the truth? if he is...Is he really rich?

The Nerd of the class?

Matthew Grimsley was named, by his freinds, The Nerd of the class.

And His Name is.......

Matthew Has Now Started A new Name to say out to everyone, his old one 'John Cena!' has been Replaced

Cool New Classroom news!

Its appears that We don't have homework for yet another week in Mrs. Ish's class.