Ship's Log

Week of March 18, 2019

SPRING officially begins this week and students can get outside to recess most everyday!! YEAH!

Thank you to Emily Abad for making us some butterflies- we have some in the office and will get some to each of you for recognizing all the kind acts and other behaviors you want to reinforce. You can fill out the front of the butterfly with student's name and act of kindness- you can also use the back. Put them in the basket in the office and Marian will put them up in the lobby! Let's spread spring with Butterflies everywhere!!!

Let's keep recognizing students for all the kind and respectful things they do. You can still recommend students for the #GoodNewsCallOftheDay too!

This WEEK:

BUS DUTY: Alissa Campbell

Monday- (121) NO Choir

Report Cards Live 4:00

Staff meeting 3:30 room 7

Tuesday (Day 122) Carol out

School Mass 9:00 (no choir)

Wednesday (Day 123) Carol out

First Day of Spring!! Vernal Equinox

Irish Step Dancers Show 10:00 in the gym EVERYONE

Yearbook Club Photos 1:00-3:00

Thursday (Day 124) Carol out

School Supply forms DUE Today

Friday (Day 125)

Happy Friday- Let's make it a jeans day :)

Saturday- Mother-Son Nerf Wars

Happy Birthday

Sunday- Mr. Jacobs


Tuesday- Becket Campbell, Brody & Daniel Kenney


Thursday- Kole Wodruff, Matthew DeCiccio

Friday- Drew & Bailey Tetreault

Saturday- Lily Mainguy, Mrs. Campbell

Before // After School Activities:


Tuesday- Mass, BOK 4-8, Archery


Thursday- BOK K-3, Drama


To Do List:

REPORT CARDS!!! Let me know as soon as you are done so I can double check and post!

  • Send your GOOD NEWS postcards home to students... more in the office!
  • Remember to wear your ID badge- Marian has clip on ones if you want it instead of the lanyards
  • UPDATE Option C by Monday each week

MAP Growth Testing

Check out this article on What to Do After Winter Testing..

Tutorials for your at home learning pleasure for both MAP Skills and Growth

Wonderful things I saw this week:

Good News Call of the Day

Don't forget to make your PAWSitive Referrals! We're almost half way through the year so we need to TRIPLE or efforts... try to suggest a couple each week!

Teach Like A Pirate!

What is your GO TO Hook?

Try a NEW hook this week:

Add movement, art, change location, bring in an object or dress up! You can do it!

Upcoming Events:

3/18 NO School Mass 9:00

3/18 Report Cards live

3/19 School Mass 9:00

3/20 Irish Step Dancers 9:30 ALL are welcome

3/23 Mother-Son Nerf Wars

3/25 School Mass 9:00

3/25 Grades 6-8 Mass for Life

3/28 Vision & Hearing Screenings

3/30 Speech Declamation

4/1 School Mass 9:00 / Choir 8:30

4/3 Early Dismissal 11:30

4/5 Sweetheart Dance *Tickets on sale now*

4/8 School Mass 9:00 / Choir 8:30

4/8 Science Fair Set-Up / Classes visit fair

4/9 Science Fair Judging / Viewing & Awards 6:30

4/10 PTO Out of Dress

4/10 PTO Meeting 6:00

4/12 Living Stations of the Cross 9:00 @church ALL are Welcome

4/15-4/19 Spring Vacation


4/22 NO School- Easter Monday

4/23-4/26 BOGO Free Book Fair

4/24 Administrative Professionals Day- AKA Thank Mrs. Priddy day :)

4/29 School Mass 9:00 / Choir 8:30

4/30 Books & Beyond Ends

PLC/Faculty Meetings: ** We need hosts for these meetings! Thanks **

March 18

March 25 **CPR Training***