Wings of Fire:The Dragonet Prophecy

By: Tui T. Sutherland

Enjoy an adventure full of kindess and bravery, that lasts a lifetime.

Project By: Reva Sahu

304 pages


Clay a MudWing, Tsunami a SeaWing, Starflight a NightWing, Sunny a SandWing, and Glory a RainWing are all destined to finish a war. When Glory is threatened to be killed, the only way to save her is to escape their underground home. Escaping landed them in a prison. Clay and Glory gain secret weapons which they use to escape. Confusion builds in the dragonets of destinies' location, and trveling is hard. These events sent the dragon world in a series of unpredictable movements.


The theme of this book is kindness and bravery always win. The theme explains Clay the MudWing dragonet's actions.

Theme to Me

This theme connects to me in my everyday life. I am kind to everyone and am brave enough to stand up for what I believe in. I have a quick story to share about how this relates to me. It was a beautifully warm day on February 9, 2014. My friends had gathered at my house and we were playing 4-square. Things were going good for everyone, and I was enjoying myself. We had little fights every now and then but just when things were looking good..........BOOM!!!!! There was a fight over spots in line. As usual, I had to sort it out. You may think, easy, right. No it was about as easy as escape from the Sky Kingdom. It took bravery but I wasn't mean.