Jake Pilarski


Some say you only need one trait to get through everything. That is terribly wrong because you need multiple. You need resilience, perseverance, determination, and passion. Perseverance is key though because if you don't want to keep going you will never achieve your goal. Winston Churchill and Lauren Hill are a great example, ill tell you why.

Adversities (Problem Solution)

Winston Churchill had so many adversities in his life. He got kicked out of office and then went into depression and drinking. To cope with this he started to paint, a few months later he was invited back and he was very pleased. Also they were having to deal with World War two and how to fend off the Germans from invading United Kingdom. In the text it says, “We were poorly armed. We are not so poorly armed today; but then we were very poorly armed. We had the unmeasured menace of the enemy and their air attack still beating upon us, and you yourselves had had experience of this attack.” This shows how he was such an eloquent speaker and how they fought of Germans and were able to fight even though they were not armed well. They came together as one and fought for their country.
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Winston Churchill getting ready to speak publicly

Venn Diagram

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Triumph(Chronological Order)

Lauren Hill is someone who truly knows what perseverance is. She is noble, caring, and unselfish. When she started to play soccer she was the goalie for the varsity team at her school. After a few weeks her coach cut her and Lauren was devastated. She picked up a new sport though, basketball. This helped her get over soccer and play something new. Then disaster happened, she had cancer. Even though Lauren knew this she still didn’t care. She was not able to play basketball and was trying to help other people with the same problem. This shows how Lauren didn’t only care about herself but about others with the same problems she had faced. Lauren was promised one more game to play. She went out on the court and scored a layup and she started to cry. Cancer was a great adversity but she triumphed over it in the end.
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Lauren Hill in her last game to play

Cause and Effect

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“Winston Churchill is known for being full of energy and being outspoken.” This shows that he is very eloquent when he speaks out to people. His great triumph was being a great writer, a war hero, and a very good politician. He part of an elite group of politicians and was known for lots of great things in his life but a politician stands out the best. He was thrown out of government but did he give up, no, he instead kept pursuing what he wanted. Overall Winston Churchill had a great triumph in his life.
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Winston Churchill posing for a picture


As you can see Winston Churchill and Lauren Hill are great examples. They show that even through so many hard times they still manage to pull through and persevere. Both of the both were overwhelmed with lots of stuff, but the did not stop them. Overall perseverance is very key so you can go and achieve your dreams. Like Winston said, "Never, never, never, give in."