The ripple effect of Divorce

By: Laura Scamehorn

Why divorce is a problem

An estimated 876,000 divorces occur each year in the US, which affects not only the couple, but the children, extended family and friendships. Of all the children born to married parents in 2015, 50% will experience the divorce of their parents before they reach their 18th birthday. Although the rate is lower in Nebraska at 41% families still feel the long term effects including major changes for the entire family.

The affects on children

Divorce creates major changes in the lives of children. Very young children may not understand the situation, they imagine that the divorce is somehow their fault. On the other hand, older children and teens know that the situation is complex. The time around the divorce is the hardest especially on the child. They may have feelings of guilt, rage, rejection and hopelessness. It is easier for the child to cope when there is stability. That way it is easier for the child and gives reassurance that everything will be the same.
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The divorced couple

Families facing divorce must go through a period of adjustment. Both partners have to rebuild their lives following a divorce. Each must cope with loneliness, anger, depression, guilt, and feelings of failure. It takes from two to four years to get over a breakup of a marriage. The divorce may affect their careers and they might be less effective on the job. Dealing with day-to-day care of the child can also make adjusting harder. The parent who has the custody must often stretch their resources. They may need to hide their own anger and sorrow to help to child deal with their own feelings. On the other hand, the parent who does not have custody of the child will have to work out a schedule for seeing their child.
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Getting help

After divorce is a very challenging and overwhelming time in a familys´'life. To survive and thrive requires support and tools. Following is a list of resources to find the help you need:,,