Italian Same-Sex Civil Union Rally

Sophia and Abi


Several people came together in 80 cities of Italy to rally against a motion to legalize same-sex marriage and adoptions by same-sex couples.

Rally In Rome

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Why is this important?

Several people are causing crowds in the streets, preventing people from getting through.

These protests are causing delays in the decision of the proposal.

Several people are turning against each other because of the proposal, causing scenes and fighting in the streets.

All other major Western European countries have already legalized the same-sex partnerships, Italy being the only outlier.

What is being done?

The Italian Bishops Conference on January 29th, had taken away the idea of an "alternative" marriage as President Angelo Bagnasco states, "we must never forget the identity that is proper to the family."

Several conferences have been held to discuss the issue but so far, no real action has been taken.