By Garrett&Isaac

Significance of Flag

The 9 horizontal stripes represent the 9 original departments of Uruguay. The sun of may represents a new nation in the new world


3.407 Million People


Cultural Activities and Entertainment


Surfing, Body Surfing, Wind Surfing, Boating, and Hiking.

Government (type, leader)

their government type is the constitutional republic and their leaders name is tabare Vazquez.
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tourist attractions

centenario stadium- this stadium is home to the Uruguayan national soccer team it was inaugurated on july 18 1930 to hosat the world cup.

Palacio salvo- stands imposingly as one of the land marks of Montevideo. featuring Italian gothic style. and a striking conflux of classic with the neo-romanticism.

casa pueblo- a tribute to caros "carlitos" Miguel paez rodriguez, the son of the Uruguayan artist carlos paez vilaro. (9 stories tall)