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Snyder Independent School District 3/1/2020

7th Grade STEM Composting Worm Farm

🌱Composting Project at Snyder Junior High 🌿

Students created a composting bin that allows students to recycle organic food waste generated at school. The worms are stirring and so are student's minds!

Snyder Primary Students ❤️LOVE❤️ to Read!

Snyder Primary students and teachers have something to celebrate! 3rd grade ELAR (English Language Arts) scores increased NINE percent on the Spring benchmark. Learn the secret to why students at Snyder Primary School LOVE to read. Find out how you can help your child read at home and foster a life-long love of reading!

💡Reality Check!

Students at SHS recently participated in a reality check activity. Students visited stations where they were able to choose their monthly expenses. Students were then able to have discussions about the type of career they would need to support that lifestyle.

Left to Right: Kevin Nguyen, Daniela Dominguez, Bethany Avalos, Aspen Reeves, Megan Garcia, Billy DeLao, Jorge Torres, and Johnny Jamison.

Strong Season for SHS Basketball 🏀

A strong season ended in a tough loss to Argyle in the Area Championship game. The Tiger fans are proud of these men as they fought hard and brought a district championship trophy home to SHS!

Success Made in Snyder

McKenna Keele is a 2017 graduate of SHS and WTC. She graduated from SHS with an endorsement in STEM, Business & Industry and earned an Associate of Science in Biology from WTC. McKenna attended Texas Tech University and believes the 68 hours she earned in the SHS dual-credit program gave her an advantage over other classmates who had not taken college courses in high school. The dual credit program saved McKenna (and her parents) $50,000 in student debt! Within two years, McKenna graduated from Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science, Magna Cum Laude, and debt-free. She is currently in Agricultural Sales Management with Agrellus.

When asked for advice for future graduates, McKenna said, "Soak up the time you have with your family, friends, and teachers. SISD provides the best opportunities for you to be successful, so take advantage of the resources provided to you. Oh, and when it comes time to choose a college, Texas Tech is the obvious choice! Wreck ‘em!"

Q&A with the Superintendent

Ask us! As promised, we will answer questions from the community each week.

Q: My child is in the 5th grade, can she join the dual language program?

A: Given the sequential nature of the program and its alignment with instructional program requirements, students enter the Dual Language program at kindergarten and remain in the program through 5th grade. SISD also offers additional opportunities for students to learn a second language beginning in 8th grade and throughout high school.

Q: Does this mean Snyder Primary will remain the same? No changes?

A: Yes, Snyder Primary will remain the same.

Q: When will potential school calendars for 2020-2021 be developed and shared? Also, is it possible for SISD, WTC, and Texas Tech to all have the same spring break?

A: We will coordinate Spring Break with WTC. The calendar will be finalized and released soon.

Below, you will find an “ask us” form. Keep the questions coming, I'm always glad to discuss our district with you.


Eddie Bland, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools, SISD

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The mission of SISD is to empower everyone to pursue excellence every day. Snyder ISD serves approximately 2,500 students and employs almost 400 staff members. From a dual-language program for primary school students to the P-TECH High School, SISD is proud to offer an array of opportunities for both students and educators.