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Bubble Sort Algorithm

Bubble sort algorithm's help you a lot in computing, basically they correct lists and problems that you don't know. It is just one of the simple sorting algorithm's that help you with your problems, it repeatedly steps through lists and sorts it in the correct order. It compares each adjacent and switches them to the right order.
Bubble Sort

How Google Search Works

There are these things called spiders and they help you with you google search, This is a very simple process it happens in a blink of an eye. Basically every time you search something the spiders go through all of the other things that are related until they find yours, after that when the spiders know that this is what you searched they go on it and it will show up less than 10 seconds, it seems long but it's not.
How Search Works


If you search something and type OR next to it both of the things you searched will come up but in different way to show you, for example Messi OR Ronaldo, both of these things will come up in different ways.

If you search AND both of the things you've searched will come up in the same link or way, when you type something then type AND both of them will come together.

When you type not it will check the think you've searched and NOT bring the opposite of what you have typed, it will ignore the NOT and forget about it and see your other word that you searched.

How To Trace A Website

This is the link we you to put a host trace or a proxy trace. The host trace is faster.