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"The New Age Woman: Negotiating Traditional Female Roles"

Shared experiences by women trying to raise families, succeed in their careers and live their dreams.........

I was raised in a traditional environment where women played the traditional role as nurturers in the home and society. As an African woman it is not unusual for me take on these traditional roles. However, I am often conflicted with tackling my responsibilities at home and pursuing a career. I like to think that I try very hard to devote equal time to both aspects of my life but I find myself negotiating my traditional and non-traditional female roles because of what society expects of me....My show will be a discussion about how everyday women like myself tackle these issues in our homes and careers. I have two awesome guests that will be joining me in this discussion and hopefully others can relate to our experiences....Thank you for your support and Enjoy the show!

How To Listen To The Show - KPFT 90.1 FM Houston Radio Station

DATE: 9/16/13

TIME: 9:30 am (Central Time)


Mrs. Kamilah Martin-Proctor: Council Woman for National Disability Council (NDC), Washington D.C.; GM Founding Director for M.S. Alliance Foundation.

Ms. Amaka Onyioha: CEO AfroStyle Magazine, Los Angeles, CA.

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