Become a Christian Today

We Believe in Jesus Christ

We Believe that Jesus was born in Bethlehem in a stable on a day we call Christmas. Years later he died was nailed to a cross. Now the day we call Easter he as reborn. Every year people who don't normally come to church come to celebrate Jesus. All 3 religions, us, Jews and Muslims believe in Abraham as our figure.


Followers of Christianity are called Christians. Some don't always go to church but have the same beliefs as those who do. We also are Monotheistic which means we only believe in one God.

Some of our traditions

God and Jesus are our saviors


The cross is our symbol. We believe that Jesus died on the cross. Now we have the cross as our symbol, on the top of our church. Its the symbol that represents us.


The Pastor is our leader that we have t church. He talks about Jesus and God with us, he motivates us and teaches us more about Christ. Some times he/she will say a prayer. We are taught to pray at church with our eyes closed head down and quiet. After the Pastor is done with the prayer we all say "Amen" ,Which means we agree.