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By Darnell and Guerra 11/16/15

Week At A Glance

Monday, Nov, 16

Tuesday, Nov. 17

Wednesday, Nov. 18

Thursday, Nov. 19

Fillys @ Fredericksburg

Colts vs Fredericksburg @ home

Grades due by 10:00 for dance verification

Dance List posted after lunch

Friday, Nov. 20

Saturday, Nov. 21

Filly Volleyball Tournament

DISD Bad Weather Procedures

If it becomes necessary for the Devine Independent School District to close or alter the

schedule of its schools because of weather-related or other safety conditions, the

information will be released by the superintendent’s office to radio and television stations

as soon as the decision is made. The primary factor to be considered in making a decision

to close or alter the schedule of our schools will be the safety of our students. An

existing or predicted hazardous road condition that is most likely to involve the safety of

our students will normally be the cause for schools to be closed.

When weather conditions warrant, school personnel will use all the information resources

available, including a personal inspection of roadways, to determine if it is advisable to

close our schools.

Closing or altering the schedule of schools will normally take one of three forms:

· The school may be closed all day or until further notice;

· The school day may begin later; or

· While in session, school may be dismissed and closed earlier in the day than the

normal dismissal time.

School personnel should report at the usual time unless road conditions prohibit

them from reporting to work, and if that is the case, they must call in to their principal or supervisor so that a substitute can be obtained.

DMS administration will use the phone tree as well as Remind to alert you of school closing or the altering of the school schedule.

Duty Station Changes

One of the duty stations has changed due to the changes in the drop off area for high school students, The person who has duty at the 4 square area needs to move to the end of the portables next to DSAC. We need to keep the high school kids from cutting across the playground and keep our kids from sneaking around to the band hall in the morning.

If your area is at the end of the shop area, please don’t allow students to go to the band hall unless they have an instrument or a note from a band director. Students will tell you they are going to practice, and I’m sure some of them are; however, the last I time went in, two of our students were practicing their texting.

When you are on duty, please watch the kids playing basketball. The boys are getting a little too rough. I have already talked to the sixth graders. We had an incident where one boy tackled another on the court.

There should be no footballs or Frisbees out in the morning. There is not enough room on the playground for football and Frisbee in the morning. There is too much traffic to allow for these two activities. Those two activities can be played at lunch.

Potluck Meals by Departments

Potluck meals that we all enjoy take time; organizing , setting up, and cleaning up. To help our office staff, departments will now help. Departments will be able to sign up to take care of these meals. Mrs. Guerra, Ms. Evans, and I will meet with department heads to help organize the sign up process. The meals during STAAR testing and benchmarking will be done by the office staff and Coach Mangold. The rest of us will need to take care of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other meals, such as Valentine's Day and end-of-year goodies.

Because some departments have more members than others, some departments will combine. Spec. Ed (Polasek, Perret, Kuykendall, and Trott) will combine with history (Fuller, Geries, Gonzalez), electives ( Oyola, Settles, S. Miller, and Cross, ) will combine with science (Tomblin, Cozby, Lorraine, and Seaback), math will include Dishman, Haass, Spencer, Rumfield, Toalson, Arche, and Brogdon; ELAR includes: Velasques, K. Miller, Smets, Sanders, Oropeza, Faseler and Beaty. The office staff will include B. Evans, L.Evans, Darnell, Guerra, Nelson, Mangold, Murphy, and Guajardo.

Thank you for helping us out so that we can enjoy goodies and treats!!

Mark Your Calendars

The DMS Gobblefest will be held on November 23. If you have not signed up to bring something, see Mrs. Castro.

Devine Central Office is hosting their annual holiday feast Tuesday, December 15 at the old high school cafeteria. Stop by during lunch to enjoy a nice, warm meal and visit with those from other campuses.

The DMS Holiday feast will be the following day on Wednesday, December 16. More information will be shared soon.

Thank You for Your Service

We want to recognize our very own veterans for their service: Mr. Dishman, Mr. Fuller, Ms. Guajardo, and Mr. Murphy. It is because of your willing service to our country that we are able to enjoy our freedoms. Thank you!

Teachers Do A Lot

Many people in the general public think teachers don't do much during the day. Many think we are the problem. We know the problem is that we are expected to do much more than teach the curriculum. There are those that think we have it made; they think we have three months off during the summer, and we only work from 8:00-3:30. Many do not know of long extra hours that are put in to create a lesson. What follows is a teacher's answer to a business man's question in regards to the single thing she could give him that would solve all problems in public schools..