Health Careers

By Olivia Simpson

Occupational Therapist


* Occupational Therapists use many skills to help people learn or re-learn daily activities.

* They train people to do things

* Help clients become self-sufficient

* Work with people with physical or mental illnesses, injuries, old age, and developmental disabilities.

Education & Salary

* Winston-Salem University

* $42,000-$70,000

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Physical Therapist


* Provide care for patients with with functional limitations, disabilities, and changes in physical functions because of injury or disease.

* Plan out programs to help people gain strength and overall physical functioning.

* Use lifestyle modification techniques, different exercises, and rehabilitation techniques.

Education & Salary

* Western Carolina University

* University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

* $45,000-$85,000

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Registered Nurse


* Care for patients

* Monitor patient status and progress

* Administer medication to patients.

Education & Salary

* Garner Webb University

* University of North Carolina- Charlotte

* $39,000-$71,000

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