SPEECH / LANGUAGE with Mrs. Kenn

Twice weekly for 30 minutes

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"SPEECH" is a class that focuses on LANGUAGE support for students. When students have difficulties with understanding and remembering new vocabulary, following instructions, listening and paying attention to lessons in class, reading, understanding and recalling information in long texts, or even telling the teacher what they don't understand, "SPEECH" is a class that may be helpful. Each class is 30 minutes and usually meets twice each week.


During a 30-minute speech class, students are exposed to and practice a variety of new academic vocabulary words through the "Do Now" routine. Broken down into four tasks, this activity requires students to define, understand, retain, recall, and use new academic terms that may be helpful when going through their school day. Other aspects of language that are targeted and supported in SPEECH may include the following: identifying unique learning styles, verbal and written expression, recalling directions, simplifying, chunking and paraphrasing verbal and written information, understanding how to identify cause/effect relationships, how to make inferences, how we draw conclusions and how to make predictions from the language we hear and read in class.