Ozone Layer

Liam Neeson

What is the Ozone Layer

The Ozone Layer is a layer of that plays a vital role in protecting life of humans, animals and plants from the heat of the sun and the cold at night.

What is it made of (how is it different to oxygen gas

The Ozone layer is made of three oxygen atoms 78% Nitrogen-21% Oxygen and some Argon.

What it does and how it does it

The Ozone Layer absorbs 93.99% of the sun's UV rays (radiation) which is harming life on Earth this is because if plants, animals and humans absorb to much of radiation it could kill or give cancer.

What destroys the Ozone Layer

Ozone is destroyed by chlorine atoms

Common misconceptions about the Ozone Layer

Aerosol spray cans are a major contributor to climate change