Ground water

by Resse Bishop

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What is Groundwater ?

Groundwater is water stored below earths surface . When water soaks through the ground , it becomes groundwater .
Groundwater Animation

Porosity VS Permeability ?

Porosity is the amount of space in high soil particles .Porosity affects groundwater depending on the amount of space in between soil particles

high porosity =lots of space between soil

low porosity =little space between soil

Permeability are materials ability to allow fluids to pass.

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Water Table

Things in the water table ?

Aquiclude -A body of rock or stratum of sediment that acts as a barrier to the flow of ground water .

Aquifer- A body of permeable rock that can or transmit groundwater .

Zone of Aeration - Region in the group in which pore spaces are filled with air and sometimes water .

Zone of Saturation- The area beneath the water table where all pore spaces are completely filled with water.

Water Table - The level below which the ground is filled with water .

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